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Step 2: Personalise your AI co-parent

(Let the survey below load!)

A note to test users Our goal is to use AI to build safe, smart, kind, and engaging parent assistants, companions and coaches. We are still in the early stages! As test users, you help us to learn a lot about how to make AI better and more useful to parents. Thank you for this. Achieving this goal will require a deep understanding of how our users talk and collaborate with AIs. You deserve transparency regarding how that process works, particularly when it comes to your data. We may use your private data & conversations with the AI Parent Coach for research & development purposes. Such data will be anonymised before use, by removing information that makes the data personally identifiable to you. Keeping your conversations with your AI Parent Coach private and safe is our top priority, and we will never sell or share personally identifiable data for advertising or marketing purposes. We have strict internal controls over the use of and access to user data. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy (scroll to bottom of page) or contact us at Sincerely,  Team Full Circle

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