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1-1 Support for New Parents

Customised, judgement-free & evidence-based advice

so you get the early days right


(feeding, breastfeeding,

sleep & general care)


(postpartum recovery,

socio-emotional support)

Care for the mother & child bond

Pick the plan you need:
  • After Birth SOS

    Every week
    Troubleshoot breastfeeding, newborn sleep & care, and more.
    • 1-1 text-based support
    • Educational content & tutorials for the duration of support
    • Free partner support
    • Access to invite-only community
  • Great value

    After Birth Care

    Every month
    Perfect for the first 1-2 months after birth
    • 1-1 text-based support
    • Life-time access to educational content & tutorials
    • Free partner support
    • 20% discount for future purchases
    • Access to invite-only community

Choose from:

week-by-week support,

or go month by month.

Start anytime.

Cancel anytime.

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Virtual, continuous support for new parents

You will receive:


  • 1-1 support to troubleshoot common issues in breastfeeding and postnatal recovery


  • Educational content on feeding/breastfeeding baby, understanding infant cues, nutrition, what to expect over time as your body recovers. Access to our breastfeeding & newborn care course is included.


  • Nonjudgmental & emotional support so that you'll never feel alone in this journey. 


  • Your partner gets support for free, too.



Why did we develop the 1:1 Support program?


Parenting is one of the hardest jobs, and it has always been done with a village. It's what helped tired & inexperienced new parents raise strong children.


But we have become increasingly disconnected from our wider families, because of differences in:


  • Beliefs (Formula vs Breastmilk? Wash hair or not after birth?)

  • Educational levels (Science vs Fiction?)

  • Emotional needs (Non-judgemental reassurance vs nagging & criticism?)


For too long, modern parents are left struggling alone with their new babies by public healthcare systems that do not have enough resources, and private healthcare & wellness that are out of reach. 


Forget the old model of:


  • Jumping from specialist to specialist, spending hundreds of dollars, for just a once-off meeting.  Let's identify quickly what's a specialist issue and what's not, and which specialist to go to, so we save us time and money.


  • Getting misguided tips from well-meaning friends, leaving you with bigger problems than you started.


  • Getting unsolicited advice from family & friends, that leaves you somehow feeling smaller, and judged for your capability as a parent.


We're leveraging on technology to bring modern parents the right, emotionally-attuned & evidence-based support. 


What can you expect?


The 1-1 Support Plan provides you a Parent Assistant who will work with experts to coach you through major parenting transitions. For new parents, this includes support in issues like


  • Feeding/breastfeeding/pumping

  • Mental wellness

  • Newborn/baby care

  • Nutrition

  • Postpartum recovery


  1. Access to our courses & recordings of expert tutorials and Q&As

  2. Discounts & benefits with our growing network of parent & child friendly partners

  3. Free support for partners

  4. For the monthly subscription, 20% discount for our in-person workshops, child developmental activities & future coaching programs.

  5. For the monthly subscription, access to our invite-only community.



Who will provide support to me?


Our Parent Assistants are trained in parenting topics & effective communication. They work with certified specialists from other fields, such as lactation, naturopathy, mental health, and bodywork/yoga, to bring you holistic support.


Will my Parent Assistant be able to diagnose/treat any medical conditions?


No, Parent Assistants and our experts are not doctors and do not provide medical advice.


They are trained however to have a good sense of when an issue requires medical expertise to weigh in.


For example: mastisis - which is inflammation in the breast resulting from a clogged duct becoming infected. Our Parent Assistants may make suggestions for you to consult a doctor if necessary.


Depending on the needs of our community, we may invite professionals with medical expertise (and some without, e.g. physical fitness specialists) to provide general educational content on the Heartbeat platform.


Their advice is attributed to them and any additional consultation required to diagnose/treat a medical condition would be in their discretion.


What if I give birth before my estimated due date? Or after?


No problems at all! Just let your Parent Assistant know and they'll adjust your start date accordingly.


How will support be delivered?


Your Parent Assistant will reach out to you via WhatsApp for optimal ease of communication with you.


Do you provide coaching for topics beyond postpartum recovery?


Yes we will! It's in the works. Drop an email to us at to find out when our new programs are ready.



As our beta has limited spots, we protect the spots for parents in need.


We provide a full refund for cancellations made on compassionate grounds (e.g. miscarriages).


For all other reasons, we provide a 50% refund for cancellations made up until 2 weeks after the support start date.


Satisfaction guaranteed


If you begin your Care support, and you're not satisfied with the Care you receive, tell us & we'll make it right.

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