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Breastfeeding & Newborn care
  • Breastfeeding & Newborn care

    Learn how to care for baby, your post-birth body and master breastfeeding. Support delivered virtually so it works for you wherever you are. Ideal for first time mothers. 


    What you get:

    • A day-by-day guide for the 1st month after birth: You’ll be invited to a private Instagram account where you’ll have access to exclusive Breastfeeding & Postpartum content.


    What's included:

    Expert recommendations on

    • First positions to try, to optimise breastfeeding
    • How to set up your home & bedroom, after coming home from the hospital.
    • How to best use the pump & pacifier to protect your breastfeeding relationship with baby
    • What to eat for breastfeeding & recovery
    • Managing your mental well-being
    • What to expect week-by-week with baby & breastfeeding
    • How to track baby's growth


    Step-by-step guides on troubleshooting

    • Undersupply issues
    • Oversupply issues
    • Sore nipples
    • Irritable babies
    • Baby sleep
    • Afterbirth body aches & pains
    • and more!



    Your purchase comes with discounts for virtual text support:

    • Get a direct line to emotionally supportive, judgement free and expert advice on breastfeeding issues as well as common postpartum challenges.
    • More affordable than a lactation consultant, and continuous support round the clock.
    • Pay per week: $45/week, or $150 for a month(recommended for confinement).
    • For a limited time: Purchase of this course gets you free membership for 1 month on our platform when it launches.


    What does beta mean?
    It just means that it is not our launch version. We're developing a platform to host all our amazing courses. Until then, we're using a private channel on Instagram to host this course so it's easy to access for new parents. Beta or not, we promise you - you'll find this content to be super helpful. Otherwise, tell us & we'll make it right.


    Want to find out more before making up your mind?

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